Pictoplasma 2016

On Tuesday 3rd of May two of my classmates and some from last years second years went to Berlin and Pictoplasma. A festival covering animation, character design, graphic design, illustration and urban arts. We booked the trip quite long ago and I’ve been working hard on the final film for the last few weeks to be on schedule so that I wouldn’t have to stress. I did feel a bit bad about not working though sometimes so it wasn’t the best timing, I think I would have enjoyed it more if I wasn’t in the middle of a project. But it was definitely worth it, I got to talk to a lot of people, attend lectures and workshop and see a lot of different animation.

Here are some of my favorite animations I got to see at the festival.

This was the funniest one I saw.  Unfortunately there is only a trailer up at the moment, but I expect the whole film to be uploaded soon.

https://vimeo.com/157597338 My absolute favorite! So emotional and such a great story told in a very simple way.


On the first day it was a pitching session where everyone that wanted to could meet up to try to talk with people from different studios, toy companies and illustrators. I managed to talk to Mike Moon Senior Vice President, Creative Affairs at Sony Pictures Animation. He was very nice and very positive to my animation, gave me some advice and feedback. He also after seeing my work advised me to stay to talk to Shamik Majumdar, the Creative Director, Animation and Live Action Content at The Walt Disney Company EMEA based in London. So I did and got to talk to him. He was impressed and gave me his business card to contact him later. Both he and Mike Moon advised me to apply for Cartoon Saloon with my work, which was very encouraging to hear as this studio is one of my most wanted places to work. In the end this pitching session made the whole trip worth it for me.


To round it all up, here are some pictures from Berlin. Will I go back later, yeah probably, but for now I want to start exploring more animation festivals around the world.

2016-05-04 16.29.20 2016-05-04 16.41.57 2016-05-04 17.07.35 2016-05-04 21.25.10 2016-05-06 14.37.35 2016-05-06 15.55.25 2016-05-07 18.40.00 13133353_10208283109862680_4333811369733208514_n 13138991_10208283109742677_4845194430254292386_n