Life drawing from the last three weeks

With more and more work to do on the final film I’ve completely forgotten to upload my recent life drawings. I don’t take the time to go for all three sessions at the moment, the final film is my first priority, but I try to always go to at least the first session where there are mostly short poses. It is still a good break for me so I’ll try to keep it up until the deadline.

Life drawings from 21st April.

3mins21apr 3 min poses

Life drawings from 28th April.

2min28apr 2 min poses

4min28apr 4 min poses

This was a new model and he always acted himself into the pose, it was pretty hilarious!


I missed life drawing on the 5th May because I was in Berlin! This is the fourth time in the whole course and it was with Adrian modeling too! Damn it!


Life drawing from 12th May.

30sec 30 sec poses

3mins12may 3 min poses