Rough animation almost finished!

Since I finished the keyframes a couple of weeks back I now have just six shots, out of 51,  left to inbetween before all the rough animation is done. Thank goodness the inbetweening did go quick like expected!

I hoped to finish all the rough animation before I go Berlin and Pictoplasma on Tuesday but because of the bank holiday it doesn’t seem likely. I’m therefore considering to inbetween the rest of the shots during clean up just so that all the rough animation is complete by the rough crit. This shouldn’t be a problem as this is the last scenes in the movie and as I progressed with the keyframes they became tighter and cleaner which makes it so easy to inbetween and I think it shouldn’t be looking any different to the rest of the movie because of this.

I am a little concerned about the clean up and colouring and hope that four weeks will be enough. Still I will ask the firstyears and maybe some of the second years from last year to help me out. I am pretty sure that I won’t have enough time in the end to do all the post production for the hand in so at the moment I try to make the animation the absolute best I can do and at least have all the elements ready for the handing. With that I mean that all the animation is cleaned up and coloured and that all the backgrounds are done. At least then the movie will look relatively finished and I know I can do the post production on the two weeks following. I probably could do some of the post production before the hand in, but I rather focusing on giving the animation a nice look and have everything ready by the degree show.


When I don’t work on the animation, which is very rarely, I’ve started to design business cards, stickers and a poster for the movie. Since I was told to bring some kind of business cards to the Pictoplasma I have some very simple ones for that as well as some stickers.

2016-05-01 20.51.00 stickerfox

For the degree show I hope to redesign both and make them a little more eye catching, but this was the best I could do on a short notice.

Almost since the beginning of the project I’ve known that I wanted the poster for the movie to be based of this colour key that I drew for the pitching way back in January.


The poster is going to have the same look to it, but so far the only thing I know will stay is the paw prints in the snow, I need to make a few sketches to see if the fox and the snow will stay or if I’ll replace them with a clear starlight sky and northern light in stead.


Also sorry for not posting any of my life drawings from the last two weeks like I usually do, it’s coming up soon.