When I’m not animating…

The last weeks have been spent entirely in the studio keyframing my movie, which I’m starting to see the end of.

But once in a while when I’m on a break during the day I get my classmates to participate in this really fun drawing game. The game is something that my friends and I came up with during our bachelor’s degree and it consists of describing facial and bodily features with words and them draw what you think it should look like. Everyone in the game draws their own drawing and no one gets to see what the drawings look like until it’s done and we have given the character a name.  It’s always exciting to see what people come up with because for some reason no character that comes out of this tends to look alike even though we are drawing the same character from the description.

Here are some of my creations from this game of the last few weeks.

tobias spike poodlesworth kubix

And here are from a few months back when I first introduced Selom to the game:

ziggy crystal