So far so good

At the moment I’m on a forced Easter Holiday as the uni is closed so for a few days so I can relax must find other ways to work on the final project.

Since I started keyframing two and a half weeks ago I have over half of the movie ready for inbetweening, including all of the longest shots and the shots with mostly walking. About ten shots are ready for clean up already, these include all the running scenes and the scenes my firstyears worked on for me.

I am starting to feel stressed though, mostly because I’m spending my time in a room where everyone else is stressed too. And sometimes when a shot takes me a whole day to complete or a perspective is throwing me of or I’m too tired to draw I sometimes get very frustrated and feel that it’s going too slow. In these cases I try to make myself take a break, go outside or if it’s already late, go home. I good night’s sleep tends to solve things for me and make my work easier so I try to work hard now so I don’t have to work around the clock in panic in the last days of the project.  It’s already too late to stop now, I just have to get through with it.

I’ll upload some of the animations next week cause I can’t seem to make the GIF files work at the moment. So for now take a look at some of the backgrounds Juliette made for me.

Juliette_(3) Juliette_(2) Juliette_(4)

I love these backgrounds, she did such a great job!

I’ve also been offered some more help from another firstyear, Tyrone (blog), that is now continuing the work on the backgrounds. Luckily the style I came up with is really easy to pick up and he has already sent me a few backgrounds and they look very nice!

Shot_24_5 (1) Shot_24_3

So yeah, the look of the movie is coming together, the characters are moving, I’m on schedule and I have talented people to help me out.

I guess I’m fine so far, happy Easter!