It’s been a looong week

Since I put my animatic online last weekend I have been working on finishing clean up on the last sequence of the movie. And it has basically taken me the whole freaking week! I did two thirds of the movie in four days the week before, but this week the motivation really hasn’t been on top. Not that I am questioning the whole project, it’s more that I’m tired of working on the animatic and the fact that it keeps changing and never seems to be done and ready to go. The animatic is definitely getting better and better and it’s a huge step from everything I did on the animatic stage on the micro shot, but I just want to start to animate soon so that I can feel that I’m making progress! I need to some movement, literally!


I try to more or less keyframe as I clean up since the story is set and it’s all in the acting from here. When everything is keyframed I also get to see the actual length of the movie which at the moment is three minutes and 40 seconds. That is doable considering that about 20 seconds is just backgrounds without the foxes any character animation. I also need a finished animatic to set up a complete schedule for the project, figure out which scenes have the most work and find out which shots I will give to my first year helpers. So in other words I can’t move too far without my animatic so it needs to be as spot on as possible as it will make everything easier. I just really hope that Philip Hunt won’t have too many things he wants me to change when I meet him next Wednesday. Because even though I know I can choose to just consider his advise and then stick to what I already have, I know that since I really value his opinion it will bother me if I don’t try to implement some of it into my movie. I am a little frighted by him, not going lie…

Talking about changes and opinions, I sent the animatic to my mentor for some feedback and also had my tutorial with Lilly Husbands this week. My mentor really liked my story and mainly wanted me to consider the amount of characters in each shot, work more on giving them distinctive character designs and also to give a hint of magic earlier in the movie just to tie it together with the last shot where the spirit of the fox appears.

With Lilly Husbands I talked about knowing my characters, their relationship to each other and everything else that could define their role in the movie and make them feel more like a family. More or less everything I should know about them even of it didn’t make it into the finished movie. Therefore I will try to flesh out my characters more in the coming days.

I also had acting this week, which went well even though I didn’t end up doing that much acting for my own movie. Alex, the teacher, thought that the acting in the movie was impressively good already and we only acted out two scenes that I wanted reference for. Which is fine, I am probably going to be down on all fours in the studio in a few weeks acting out if I need anything anyway. The embarrassment of acting out when people can see me is starting to disappear all together. Other than that I was advised to get a mirror to get the right expressions as I was animating. So instead I helped out Lourdes act out the scenes for her movie and got to act out pain, fighting and killing, great day!