I’ve been working on the animatic for about three weeks now and it’s starting to take shape with some layout and character designs.

The story is now for sure set. From here it’s just about making everything clear enough. I was told last week by An Vrombaut to clarify who each fox was by using colours and to be consistent with the line when the old fox goes transparent to not confuse the viewer.  I did that for this weeks tutorial with Hilary Audus and where let of fairly easy. I was told that the story itself works, but she thought that the memory sequence might be confusing to the audience and that I should consider changing it or skip it all together. I know this will take much work off of me, but I’m still hesitant about it as it’s a very important part of the message of the story and in general I’ve had more people that has understood it than those who don’t. I’ll still try to make it more clear, it might solve itself when I redraw it next week as this is the only part of the movie that I still hasn’t gone through each shot to make them better. I was also looking forward to animating this sequence and experimenting with the effects so I will keep it for now.

This is the animatic as it is now:

And here are some still images from the animatic:

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Hilary liked my character design of the fox cubs, but advised me to change the other two. Mainly because they looked too much like bears. And also to make the old ones look even older.

Now I have about ten days before the next tutorial and by then I hope to have a finished animatic with all the layouts, new character designs and a few more colour keys.