Life drawing, 28 January

Very happy with many of my drawings from this session. I like this model as I for some reason find her really easy to draw. It’s easy to get the gesture of the pose and the shape of her body and that gives me time to experiment on building up the depth with thicker and thinner lines and shadows.

We did an exercise this week where the model would pose for two minutes and then we would draw the pose twice, one minute each time. The second time we where supposed to exaggerate the pose.

2-1mins01 2-1mins02

I didn’t succeed with the exaggeration on all the poses, but it did get more confident as I went on. I’m really happy with this being just one minute drawings too. It’s in the quick drawings I really see my progression from when I started life drawing and didn’t have a clue about what I was doing.

1min 1 min drawings from this session.

Header My ever first 1 min drawing… ahahaha!


2min 2 min poses

3min 3 min poses

4min 4 min poses

6min 6 min poses