New character designs

After having a look around to find inspiration for my designs I started drawing realistic foxes and then stylizing them gradually to find my design rather than trying to draw a design on what I imagined what they should look like. This worked great and I’m slowly finding the best design that is both appealing and fairly simple to animate.


I’m also considering colours and patterns the different foxes should have. All arctic foxes are white in the winter, but in the summer their random pattern are visible like a lighter coloured tail, belly, paws, nose or ears. I’m going to make this as simple as possible mainly because of clean up and colouring. I’m also starting to establish the relationship each of the foxes has to the old fox other than them all being family.

As well as working on my designs I have started the work on my animatic. I’ve got good feedback on it and so far everyone I’ve showed it too understand that the fox going transparent is a symbol of him dying. This is a relief even though I will change it quite a bit, there are a few scenes that I’ve already deleted and others that I’m thinking of changing the look of or change all together.