Happy new year!

So I’m back from Norway after the holidays.

While I was home I was on a constant look out for inspiration for my upcoming final film and I got lucky as we had both snow and freezing cold while I was home. I especially tried to pay attention to textures and colours as I think this is where I can make the film stand out. I’m not that confident about backgrounds or colours and I’m currently to find ways around the most intricate background, but still making it look good. Like I want to try to capture the flow of the Northern lights, the sparkling in the snow or how the light snow swirls around the when it’s windy.

The night I came home there was an extraordinary strong and bright Northern light. I live in the middle of Norway so although the Northern lights are quite frequent, it’s usually not that visible. I later went up in to the mountains where the snow was and got some pictures before we got extreme cold in Norway straight after new years eve (-17°C) so I could get some last minute pictures before going back to London.

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I now have a lot of inspiration for my environment and I’m starting to work out a good colour palette. I have a pretty good idea of what my movie should look like. What I’m working on now it trying to find somewhere I can observe Arctic foxes in real life. They are not that common on zoos and although it’s not that hard to find videos on line I prefer to, if possible, actually observe the real thing before animating.

Storywise I’m also doing quite good. I’ve asked a few scriptwriters to give me feedback and suggestions and it’s more or less complete at the moment. What I’m still working on is the ending. One of the scriptwriters suggested that the ending should have a happy moment like the foxes burying the dead fox or that they are given a signal that he is still with them or something like that. I like that idea, but at the moment I can’t come up with what that ending would be like.  So that’s still something to consider.


To end this post, here is our family’s gingerbread house 2015. We always make a new one every year (we are one architect, one carpenter and one artist in the family so this is what we do for Christmas) and this year I made the decision to make the spaceship, cause why not.