Showing the opera movies and more

So tonight we finally got to show off our opera movies. My group got a lot of good feedback from fellow students, first years, previous students, teachers and others which was great. But most importantly, Chris and Natasha was really pleased and didn’t ask us to change the music which is exactly what we where hoping they would say.

2015-12-15 19.19.07

I talked a lot about the project in a previous post, but found a few pictures I forgot to share so here they are. The first one is my original sketches of the shadow and the different faces it has when it’s flying. And the other one is how me and Andreia managed to keep first years and other people away from the Mac we where using.

2015-12-09 18.51.43  2015-12-10 21.53.30

Now that the project is finally finished I have time to draw traditionally again. I’m still so annoyed that I didn’t get to go to the last life drawing because of last minute stress especially since my favourite model Adrian was modelling that day, so next term I will make sure that life drawing is in my time schedule. Until then I’m back with my markers and made a little drawing for my classmate Stephanie of her late dog. This time I managed to take pictures of the process.


But now it’s Christmas holidays and even though I will start working on my final film soon. I’m going to take a few days of first and enjoy some time with friends 🙂

2015-12-14 11.09.45