Meet my animal character

We had one task to do over Christmas, which was to do research for our own animal character. Which we should animate to walk and run and also act against us in a green screen project. The animal needed to be walking on four legs, other than that we were free to do what we wanted. I was originally planing to design a dog to animate. I have four dogs at home which I’ve been filming and drawing through Christmas, but ended up changing my plan when I came back to London, mostly because  the only animal I’ve animated  up until now has always been a dog so I wanted to try something new.

I’ve considered tiger, giraffe, zebra and cheetah which I all love to draw, but then I realized they all have stripes or spots and that I was giving myself a very big task of animating them. But, after a trip to Mudchute farm I found my animal, no pattern and kind of close to a dog in some ways, a pygmy goat.

Screenshot 2015-02-02 22.55.40Look at those charmers! Goats don’t care about your personal space at all.

So before going back to Mudchute farm one more time I started drawing the general skeleton of a goat and also a dog to compare since I wanted to base some of the movement of dogs.


Then I went back to Mudchute farm to draw, take some photos and film the goats for reference before designing my goat.



And this ended up being my final design. Meet my goat which for now is called Bruce!