Animatic, penguin and life drawing

These are my sketches for our second group project, to make an animatic. I won’t say what the story is since we are going to present the finished product next week. I can say though that it involves a gorilla, a spider, a TV remote control and a clock, now, you be creative while trying to figure that out!


I also animated this week’s task, which was to animate a character diving of a cliff, then bouncing off a diving board and splashing into the sea. After some days of thinking I finally came up with an idea for this. A penguin jumping of a cliff, bouncing on a diving board, trying to fly, splashing into the water. I don’t have the final animation yet since Flipbook didn’t want to cooperate, but I have the sketches.



And after all this, another life drawing session. Which I really like and I’m feeling that I’m starting to get a grip of it now!

20141023_19223520141023_210042 20141023_19225220141023_210034 20141023_210045

: )